A photograph of the curator on a snowy winter day. He is leaning against his 1930 Model A Ford 4-door sedan while parked on a country lane. The Mellow 60s Museum A photo of a stamped metal steam ship approximately 15 inches long. The superstructure with its two smoke stacks is yellow, the hull is painted black above the yellow waterline and red below it. On the deck are many Homies toys from the Playground series. Stretched between cargo masts at the front and rear of the deck superstructure are half a dozen Buddhist prayer flags. There are two lifeboats hanging on davits on either side of the smoke stacks.
Typewriters, Toys, Model A's & More!
Welcome to the Mellow 60s Museum home page! Enjoy the typewriters, toys, and various galleries below.
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Soon! Russians are coming, from Ukraine.

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Bar-Lock 10


Blick 7

Blickensderfer Gallery



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Lambert #14

LC Smith & Brs. 8

Photo of an Oliver 3 typewriter from the right front.

These are some of my favorite typewriter sites in no particular order:

Typewriters by Will Davis - The new location!

The superb Martin Howard Collection

A beautiful, bountiful Belgian site

Remington portables, and much more

The Seaver Collection

The Chestnut Ridge Typewriter Collection

A beautiful Crandall tpewriter.
Photo of the curator sitting in a 1929 Model A coupe. The car is as it was found and is being towed from behind a creekside house to his home.

More great websites:

The Casillo collection and website

The Virtual Typewriter Museum

Chuck & Rich's Antique Typewriter website and museum

The new Typewriter Serial Number source

OZ: The Robert Messenger typewriter blog

The fantastic Planet Diecast toys site and forums

Photo of a 1:64 scale truck. This one is a car hauler trailer pulled by a beautifully crafted COE ultra-cusomized Merc.
Molle 3

Monroe Adder

New Crandall

Noiseless Std.

Noiseless Portable


Oliver Gallery



Remington Gallery

Rex Visible 4

Royal Gallery


Smith Premier 2

Standard Folding

Underwood Gallery



Wellington 2

Williams 2

Woodstock 4

The World

Yost (New Yost)


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